New Door Ventures helps disconnected youth get ready for work and life.

New Door Ventures was founded as Golden Gate Community, Inc. in 1981 by a Christian faith community that desired to provide compassionate service to San Francisco’s homeless. The founders soon realized that solving the problem of homelessness required jobs, skills and opportunities, in addition to love and emergency shelter. The early leaders were social entrepreneurs before the term existed, creating businesses and opportunities for work that created pathways to sustainable lives.

Initially, New Door provided job internships only through its own businesses (Ashbury Images and Pedal Revolution) and since 2005, New Door has focused its programs exclusively on transition-age youth ages 17-24. Later in the fall of 2008, New Door launched the innovative Ally program, which creates job internships for youth through local business partners. Today, New Door provides over 180 paid internships a year and serves more than 300 youth annually through job-readiness training and supportive case management.

New Door has grown and changed through the years, but our desire to find creative and relational ways to give a hand-up, rather than a hand-out remains deeply ingrained in the New Door culture.

We are at an historic junction where youth employment and educational attainment are at their lowest point in decades; the needs of disconnected youth are just beginning to be understood; and very few effective solutions exist to reconnect them to employment.

As New Door grows and becomes more effective, we hope to continue sharing knowledge with colleagues across the country, so that together we will have a deeper, more lasting and meaningful impact on young lives.

"Given the right support, we can...make a positive name for ourselves in society." -Julius, a former New Door intern.

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