We operate our enterprises, Ashbury Images and Pedal Revolution, with the complementary goals of being financially self-sustaining and graduating youth clients who are ready to work in mainstream jobs and/or pursue higher education. New Door’s commitment to social enterprise is founded on the belief that:

Low-income youth need a paycheck.

Our training programs are successful enterprises that pay the youth in our programs for their work. A paycheck is critical for our at-risk youth clients who are often living on their own or contributing to the basic living expenses of their families.

Hands-on training in a real business setting is better than in a classroom.

Our youth play a central role in the day-to-day operations of our enterprises. They learn the basic skills related to their assigned job while gaining important workplace skills such as communication, teamwork, accountability and conflict management.

Owning our businesses allows us to create the supportive environment that youth need to succeed.

For-profit businesses will not assume the cost or the risk of employing and training at-risk youth. Working with at-risk youth is our mission and they need more than a paycheck. Our one-on-one case management support, workshops and enrichment activities are key to our clients successful transition into adulthood.

A diverse funding mix results in greater sustainability.

Revenues from our social enterprises contribute to the cost of our programs. Profits are re-invested to grow and improve our programs. Funding from individual donors, foundations and government grants cover costs that are not covered by our enterprises.

Our business savvy helps prepare us for Ally.

Since 2006, we've partnered with over 40 local businesses in our Ally program to provide even more jobs for at-risk youth. We understand the challenges of operating a business, and leverage our expertise to help businesses give back to the local community.

Working on a bike at Pedal Revolution

Social Enterprises are businesses that operate for a community benefit. 

New Door's enterprises exist to provide jobs and job training opportunities for young people with high risk factors and little to no work experience.

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