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At New Door Ventures and our social enterprise businesses we are always looking to meet people who are interested in helping young adults prepare for the modern workforce. If you want to be part of a high performing team that serves the greater good -- both on a daily basis and over the long haul -- we want to hear from you. If you are interested in future opportunities with New Door Ventures or want to apply for a current, posted position, please send a cover letter and resume to

New Door Ventures helps at-risk youth get ready for work and for life by providing the job training, work experience and individual support they need to achieve their unique potential and become productive, working members of their communities.

New Door Ventures uses an integrated, holistic approach to accomplish its purpose through two primary youth employment initiatives: The Switch program offers paid internships in social enterprises owned and operated by New Door, while the ALLY program provides job readiness training and paid work experience in community organizations. Every client receives individualized case management to help them establish goals for the future and develop relationships with supportive adults. Clients also participate in skill-building workshops on topics such as interviewing, resume writing, personal finance, communications and conflict resolution.

New Door Ventures was founded in 1981 by a small Christian community to provide greater opportunities to the poor. The organization is sustained through social enterprise revenues, individual donations and private and public grants.


Agency Manager for Startup Social Enterprise


Working with New Door Ventures leadership, the Agency Manager will be responsible for the successful launch of New Door Ventures' newest social enterprise, NewDesk. The Agency Manager, with support of New Door Ventures program and administration staff, will be responsible for all aspects of business startup including setting up business infrastructure, technology, staff hiring and work supervision, managing a successful working relationship with oDesk, and, in the future, finding ways to expand this business and grow job opportunities for youth.

To start, the Manager will be responsible for various aspects of helping youth interns successfully complete the program: the Manager will supervise a staff of approximately 15 at risk youth who work part-time in 12-month internships, and who work closely with the Youth Development Specialist(s) and receive case management and support with their goals. Over the first 3 years of the program, our goal is to employ 180 youth, with additional supervisory staff to be added as the program scales.

The Manager will be responsible for maintaining and growing New Door's relationship with oDesk, ensuring that youth staff meet or exceed oDesk's quality and productivity standards. He or she must also take the required tests and certification of the youth interns and exceed passing. The Manager will also be responsible for working with New Door's fundraising staff to generate donor support for NewDesk and ensure that NewDesk meets funder requirements.


Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the Manager of NewDesk is responsible for the complete oversight of NewDesk from a business, financial and social mission perspective, including:

NewDesk Operations. Manages the successful daily operations of the business, including:
  • Start-up of business in a very short timeframe, including infrastructure, business processes, and hiring and training youth interns in collaboration with youth development program staff
  • Youth intern scheduling and payroll reporting
  • Developing and maintaining budgets, managing expenses and generating revenue to budget targets. Revenue will be generated by both business operations and fundraising.
  • Maintaining a full understanding of the oDesk platform to be able to field questions and support youth interns
  • Exceptional customer service
oDesk Relationship Management.
  • Ensures that NewDesk fulfills the terms of its agreement with oDesk
  • Develops and strengthens New Door's relationship with oDesk. 
  • Identifies primary oDesk constituents and provides exceptional customer service to oDesk.
  • Strives to educate oDesk about New Door's youth population. 
  • Seeks to develop new employment opportunities for youth within the oDesk marketplace.
Business Growth
  • Developing and maintaining existing customer relationships
  • Growing the business through strategic marketing and partnerships
Staff Management and Development
  • Hire, train, motivate, manage and develop the capabilities of staff -- including youth interns
  • Ensure that youth performance meets customer expectations for quality and quantity of work
  • Create a work environment that helps to ensure that NewDesk meets youth intern retention targets
Collaboration with New Door Ventures Staff, in areas of Youth Development Program, administrative and operations staff and leaders in other Enterprises.
  • Develop an efficient and beneficial relationship with the Youth Development Managers 
  • Attend all required meetings -- including monthly financial and social outcome performance reviews --help set agendas, and prepare all necessary analysis and reports
Key Performance Metrics
  • Youth intern retention
  • Number of youth interns trained and hours of youth interns worked
  • Expenses at or below budget
  • Successful working relationship with oDesk
  • Fulfillment of terms of the NewDesk agreement with oDesk
  • Positive customer relationships/customer retention
  • Growth in number of job slots
  • On time business launch
  • Fundraising revenue targets


  • Exceptional interpersonal, relationship-building, customer service, written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent organizational, project management and time management skills
  • Experience working with at-risk youth; ability to manage, inspire and supervise a large team of youth 
  • Deep internal desire to work diligently and advocate passionately to make a significant impact on NewDesk, New Door Ventures and the lives of disconnected youth in San Francisco. The candidate will demonstrate empathy for their staff and interns and seek to inspire and motivate them to be their best.
  • 3-5 years of overall management responsibility, including operations such as staff supervision, discipline and hiring/firing, budget management, planning and project management, business development and business to business customer relationship management 
  • Ability to excel in a "start-up" environment. Willingness to embrace the unknown and "define-as-we-go" while also thoughtfully planning and assessing risk 
  • Willingness to be relatively self-managed and proactive about what NewDesk and he/she needs to succeed
  • Willingness to embrace and contribute to New Door's increasingly data-driven approach
  • Bachelor's degree in a related area or its equivalent
  • Budgeting and P/L responsibility for a business or business unit
  • Development and management of annual budgets, business plans and capital improvement projects


Please send résumé and a well-crafted cover letter that demonstrates your interest in the position, your qualifications and your ability to effectively communicate in writing to:
Job offer will be contingent on clearing a required background and fingerprint check and passing proficiency tests and receiving certification from oDesk and its partners.

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