New Door served over 335 interns and graduates in 2015!

We are proud of this statistic because young people who have a job or are in school are moving in the right direction: their lives have a measure of stability; they are taking steps to move forward and prepare for adult life; they are developing confidence and hope. Read our 2015 Impact Report to learn more.

2015 Highlights include:

182 jobs were provided for youth.

202 skill-building workshops were held at New Door

94% of graduates went on to new jobs or higher education after New Door job internships.

91% of graduates found stable housing*

98% of graduates with prior criminal backgrounds did not re-offend.*

→ compare to 74% California state recidivism rate for youth (for those who re-offend)

In 2006 New Door had an independent consultant evaluate the long-term impact of New Door's social enterprise job-training program for the period of 1998 to 2006. Download the social impact report for more information.

*within six months of program completion

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