• A Chance for Osman to Succeed

    A Chance for Osman to Succeed

    A young man named Osman comes to the youth center of New Door Ventures on a foggy day in San Francisco. He is a few minutes early for the weekly meeting with his case manager […]

  • Patrick's Opportunity

    Patrick’s Opportunity

    When having lunch in the Financial District, Patrick expected to see MBAs and finance professionals around him, but he did not expect to be at a lunch table with Ted Lucas, a founding partner at […]

  • Debbie's Change

    Debbie’s Change

    Debbie came to New Door Ventures wanting something different for her life, but needed a road map and some directions. Debbie, a summer intern at Mission Pie through New Door’s Ally program, looked back on […]

  • Freddy's New Life

    Freddy’s New Life

    Freddy describes himself as a young man who is “hard working and finishes things he starts.” It’s taken some time for that to be apparent, but now, at age 22, he is working hard to […]

  • Anabel Turns Around

    Anabel Turns Around

    Looking back at her life before she started working with New Door Ventures, Anabel can hardly believe how far she has come. “Before I started working with New Door, my life was horribly unpredictable. I had […]

  • Josh’s Ride

    Josh is a 19-year old young man who recently completed his internship at Pedal Revolution. While at his worksite, Josh did “everything from stocking inner-tubes to sweeping the shop floor to building bikes from scratch.” […]

  • Daniel Finds a Home

    Daniel sits across from me on a warm afternoon at New Door. He is a confident young man, sporting a black leather jacket, dark-colored jeans, and a black hat. However, after talking to Daniel for […]

  • Nicole's Story

    Nicole’s Story

    A unique coalition came together in New York City to talk about restoring the American Dream. New Door Ventures’ Program Director, Ciara, and a New Door graduate, Nicole, were among 100 people selected to attend […]

  • Natalie's Second Shot

    Natalie’s Second Shot

    Natalie, age 17, had just come home from high school, where she lived in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, when she heard the news that her father suddenly passed away. She didn't know […]

  • Richie's Journey

    Richie’s Journey

    In February of 2011, Forbes.com named Stockton, California the “Most Miserable City in America” based on its prevalence of unemployment, foreclosures, and violent crime. For teenage Richie, there were many reasons to want to leave […]

  • Shukri's Scholarship

    Shukri’s Scholarship

    Shukri immigrated to San Francisco from Kenya in December 2011 with her brother and sister. She enrolled as a student at City College and immediately began looking for a job to contribute to rent and expenses. […]

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