Educate and inspire disconnected youth

New Door is always looking for Bay Area professionals interested in providing their expertise, feedback, and support by working directly with our young people at skill-building, volunteer-powered workshops. Volunteers are integral to the success of New Door’s high-impact Employment ProgramYou’ll help youth learn new skills, gain confidence and make progress toward a successful, independent adulthood. Email Heather for more information.

Volunteer workshops take place between 1:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in San Francisco, Oakland and Hayward and last approximately two hours.   

Get involved today

If you’re a professional living in the Bay Area who’s older than 24 and ready to make a difference in their community, we’d love to have you volunteer with us at our headquarters in San Francisco (3221 20th Street), or at any one of our partner sites in theEast Bay (Dewey Academy, Lincoln, First Place For Youth, and Youth Uprising).

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

  • Sept 25, 3:30-5PM, Career Round Table (San Francisco)
  • Oct 2, 3-5PM, Resume Building, Lincoln (Oakland)
  • Oct 8, 3-5PM, SF Mock Interview 2 (San Francisco)
  • Oct 9, 3-5PM, Resume Building, (San Francisco)
  • Oct 10, 9:40-11:15AM, Career Round Table, Dewey Academy (Oakland)
  • Oct 17, 9:40-11:15AM, Resume Building, Dewey Academy (Oakland)
  • Oct 24, 9:40-11:15AM, Mock Interview, Dewey Academy (Oakland)
  • Oct 30, 3:30-5PM, Career Round Table (San Francisco)
  • Nov 5, 3-5PM, Resume Building, FPFY/SAHA (Oakland)
  • Nov 6, 3-5PM, Mock Interview 2, Lincoln (Oakland)
  • Nov 6, 1:30-4PM, Mock Interview 1 (San Francisco)
  • Nov 7, 3-5PM, Resume Workshop (San Francisco)
  • Nov 13, 1:30-4PM, SF Mock Interview 2 (San Francisco)
  • Nov 26, 12-8PM, Celebration of Gratitude, Thanksgiving Meal, (San Francisco)
  • Dec 10, 3-5PM, Mock Interview 2, FPFY/SAHA (Oakland)
  • Dec 12, 3-5PM, SF Mock Interview 2 (San Francisco)
  • Dec 17, 3-5PM, SF Resume Workshop (San Francisco)

participating? Email listing the dates you’re available and fill out a volunteer application!

Get your team involved

New Door welcomes corporate teams, office groups, service organizations, alumni groups, associations, and religious organizations to participate in workshops. We’re also happy to provide volunteer opportunities to groups who are interested in supporting the organization in additional ways. Learn more about available opportunities