Ending the Year on a High Note


New Door Community, 

As we wrap up 2020, it’s hard to believe that more than half a year has passed since the start of Shelter-In-Place. What was initially thought be a temporary, preventative measure is now our new reality. Time feels blurred, making it difficult to track markers of success. But, while many parts of life feel stagnant, New Door Ventures has not stopped connecting young people to skills, support, and financially stable adulthoods.  

We quickly pivoted to meet the needs of the Bay Area’s disconnected youth, who are especially vulnerable right now. As a substitute for in-person work experience, our hardworking staff designed individual work plans for each program participant, tailored to meet their needs and their professional interests, keeping them motivated and preparing them for future jobs. 

Since March, New Door has: 

  • distributed more than $100,000 in wages and stipends to Employment Program interns and Education Program students. 
  • provided 1,346 hours of virtual case management to help interns stay on track to achieve their goals. 
  • added more than 70 computers to a lending library so that interns without computer access can stay connected to education and future employment opportunities. 

View our COVID-19 Impact Report

Without a doubt, the greatest success of 2020 is that, despite the unprecedented challenges they’re facing, youth are still interested and engaged in our programs: Since Shelter-In-Place began, 88% of youth have stayed connected to New Door’s virtual programs and successfully graduated. And even though the program looks a little different, it’s still transformational: 77% of participants are employed, in school, or both six months after graduating from New Door.  

These numbers are an incredible testament to the resilience and drive of New Door’s interns, and confirmation that connection to support, education, and a steady paycheck will lead to economic opportunity and growth even during a pandemic. 

And, speaking of forward momentum, we’re excited to share the launch of our first youth cohort participating in virtual internships. Youth are employed remotely at a variety of organizations and companies across the nonprofit, travel, fitness and food and beverage industries. We’re thrilled to connect Bay Area youth to this new landscape of work and are so thankful for our incredible employer partners, smart and resilient young people, and supporters like you for making this possible.  

In these times of uncertainty, it can hard to find hope, but we are finding it in our community -as well as the government. We commend Governor Gavin Newsom for signing SB283 into law, a landmark decision to close youth prisons and establish California’s first office of youth and community relations. We are excited to see a world where we are investing in the future of youth, not the prison industrial complex. 

This sea change wouldn’t have happened without vocal support of New Door and our mission, and transition-aged youth need your momentum more than ever. As we enter a new presidential term, now isn’t the time to stay silent. We encourage you to spread awareness of our important work by sharing and contributing to our winter fundraiser. With your help, we’ll be able to successfully fund two Employment Program cohorts as they get back to work. 

On behalf of the 250 youth that New Door has served this year, thank you. 

In Community, 

Omar Butler 

CEO, New Door Ventures