Meet Charles

Charles is cheerful, friendly, and kind. It’s hard to imagine today, but he says that less than a year ago, he was headed down the wrong path. A change came when his bike needed to be fixed up, and he took it to Pedal Revolution, the closest bike shop. While in the shop, he chatted with the staff there. Charles mentioned that he had recently lost his job, and one of the employees explained that he worked at Pedal Revolution through an internship with New Door Ventures. It seemed like a great option for Charles, so he attended one of the weekly informational sessions.

Through New Door’s employment program, Charles had a three month internship teaching elementary school students about gardening. He loved it, but it wasn’t always easy. “I was not the student, I was the teacher, and it was hard to be the authority.” It may not have been easy, but he did great. Charles’s case manager comments that “His supervisor had only amazing things to say.”

Charles has now graduated from New Door, and believes that the time in workshops and in case management was really worth it. “If it wasn’t for New Door, I wouldn’t have gotten my head straight.” Charles now works part time and is in school. He says he misses playing games during workshop and still enjoys spending time at New Door, playing pool and hanging out with other interns.