Meet Josh - Graduate of New Door's Employment Program

There is power in a second chance, and with determination Josh took full advantage of this. Originally hearing of New Door Ventures through his cousin, he entered the employment program in 2015. Soon after starting he was incarcerated and had to exit the program. When his sentence terminated he was determined to prove he was not the person others thought he was and wanted to find employment to support his two children. Within a week of being released, Josh returned to New Door and began in the next available cohort with the intention to get his life back on track.

Josh interned with a seafood supplier where he weighed, iced and packaged products and cleaned the warehouse. He found it exciting to be on his feet and use his hands every day. It was a place he learned new skills and enhanced his existing skills. Josh also connected well with the other youth in his cohort. “We motivate each other inside and outside of New Door,” he said. “Everyone has their own problems they’re dealing with but we are all working and going through [the program] together.” In workshops and case management Josh stood out as a hard worker and enthusiastic leader. “He changed the atmosphere of the group,” Mel, his case manager said. “It is clear that he has goals and he wants to meet them.”

Josh jokes with his case manager, Mel.
Josh jokes with his case manager, Mel.

Through New Door, Josh interned with a seafood supplier. He found it exciting to use his hands on the job each day and to learn new skills. Josh shares that being a father kept him going during the program. “My kids are a huge motivation. I want to be for them the father I never had.”

Josh graduated from New Door’s employment program in 2017 and just earned his high school equivalency with New Door’s support in February 2018. He currently serves on the Alumni Leadership Council.

Next up for Josh? Going to trade school for HVAC and continuing to build a better life for himself and his family.