Meet Josue & Daniel


That is how brothers Josue and Daniel feel towards New Door Ventures; however, when they first arrived, neither fully knew what was in store for their future.

Daniel, the younger of the two, heard about New Door through SF skate club and was drawn to the idea of a guaranteed paid job. Josue tagged along with his brother but had no expectations. Both were surprised by the additional benefits of the program such as weekly workshops, one-on-one case management, and a Clipper card to cover transportation to school and work.

Josue started at Ashbury Images, a screen-printing social enterprise parented by New Door Ventures, with the mindset to “go above and beyond the expected performance for the job.” His curiosity drove him to ask questions and learn all he could about screen printing operations. Similarly, Daniel wanted to do his best at Pedal Revolution, a nonprofit bicycle shop also parented by New Door, particularly focusing on improving his punctuality.


After quickly getting to know their supervisors and fellow youth interns, the brothers thrived. Daniel arrived early to each workday and workshop and Josue proved to be exceptionally hardworking. Both earned outstanding marks on performance reviews. Reflecting on his 3 ½ month internship, Daniel learned “it’s the little things” that allow for success. “[At Pedal Revolution] we talk about all of the little things on a bike that make up the entire thing. In life, breaking down the big picture and taking things day-by-day make it easier to set and achieve goals.”

At New Door, the brothers exercised their skills in writing, editing and film-making in New Door Film Group, where Daniel served as film director and Josue as the lead of marketing. Daniel continues his film work as an editor and video lead for his skate club and wants to go to college to study sound engineering and music. Josue will continue attending college and making videos. He plans to write more stories and movies in the future.


The brothers are now Senior Interns at Ashbury Images and Pedal Revolution, a position that involves greater responsibilities than the traditional internship, such as mentoring new interns in the employment program.

“Everything happens for a reason,” Josue shared. “I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t come to New Door. I would have stayed lazy and not have looked for a job.” Daniel agreed, “If it wasn’t for New Door I wouldn’t be where I am. Now I have my own place and a job and I’m going to school. New Door taught me to do things I would have never known.”