The New Door Ventures Ambassadors Council is a passionate group of Bay Area professionals committed to spreading awareness of New Door’s important mission throughout the community through event planning, networking, corporate giving, and supporting activities with young people. We’re excited to introduce Alyssa Taylor, our newly appointed Council Chair, who is leading their incredible efforts: 

A little about herself:  

I’m a Mission local who moved to the Bay Area from New York almost six years ago. I love hosting dinner parties, biking to work, and traveling as much as possible. When I find myself in a new country, I enjoy taking cooking classes in order to get to know the local culture. I recently took a class with a friend’s mother in Bangkok and learned how to make coconut cream, which was a true highlight! 

My work also takes me on the road as I oversee executive education for Ripple, a company that is at the intersection of blockchain, payments and digital assets. Every day we work to make what may seem futuristic a reality for financial institutions and individuals around the world, and I’m so proud of the work we do. 

What drew her to New Door:  

I lost my dad to cancer when I was 14, making what had been an easy childhood up to that point a bit more complicated. I benefited from community-based mentorship programs and scholarships that helped me to ascend to the place I am today. It’s my mission to ensure that my community’s youth receive the same opportunities that I did so that they can thrive and succeed. I appreciate that New Door takes a holistic approach to working with at-risk youth, and I know that my money and time directly benefit the program’s young people.   

Working with youth: 

I’ve worked with New Door’s Alumni Leadership Council for three years now and it is incredible to see how much this group of Employment Program graduates has achieved. One alum, Daniel, now works with me here at Ripple! As a production intern, I can already see the impact he is making on his team and the company as a whole 

Forming and joining the Ambassadors Council: 

This year I stepped up to chair the Ambassador’s Council because I saw an opportunity to leverage our Ambassadors’ tremendous skills to more closely align with the needs of running a complex organization like New Door. 

Council Goals in 2020: 

The Ambassadors Council has grown tremendously since 2016, and I’m most excited about the leadership team we’re building. The Council now has different committees so that members can focus on specific areas that resonate with us the most. This year, we’re tackling important topics like volunteer training, recruitment, expansion of New Door’s professional development programs and intern site readiness. 

We’re also looking for East Bay Council members to help New Door continue its successful growth in Oakland and beyond! If you have a passion for giving back to your community and would like to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing San Francisco’s youth, then please reach out to schedule a meeting with our team.