Meet Tiffani

When Tiffani came to New Door, she had bounced between five high schools but did not earn a diploma. “I just always stopped going, and hoped the next school would be better for me,” she says. While the schools Tiffani attended were all different, there were some common themes: Tiffani didn’t feel safe and she thought no one would care if she stopped going.

But someone did care that she stopped going – her family. Tiffani is close with her mom, aunts, grandpa and little brother, and their constant encouragement was a voice in the back of her head. When she came to New Door Ventures in search of a paid internship, she learned that New Door also offers classes to prepare young men and women to take the GED or High School Equivalency Tests (Hi-SET). Tiffani already knew New Door was a place where she felt safe, comfortable, and at home, so she thought it would be the best place for her to complete her high school equivalency.

Tiffani took classes at New Door for a year, and one by one, she passed the Hi-SET for each subject. Not only did she attend classes and study at home, she also held down a retail job during her classes at New Door. With determination and grit, Tiffani earned her high school equivalency in September 2016, nearly a year to the day after initially coming to New Door.

Tiffani with education specialist, Rena, at her graduation celebration

Tiffani with education specialist, Rena, at her graduation celebration

Her graduation celebration at New Door was an emotional afternoon, especially for Tiffani’s family. Her family beamed with pride as they told stories and celebrated together. As her aunt said, “she’s going all the way, one step a time.”