About Graduate Services

You’re ready to get connected to long-term jobs. Whether you’re a New Door graduate already or not, we provide you with professional development opportunities to enhance your skills and connect you with employers for long-term employment — so that you have the resources you need to succeed.

What Graduates Say:

How it works


Application and Interview

Fill out an application online. Schedule and attend an interview with a New Door staff person and complete follow-up steps by submitting required work documents.


Graduate Services

Access to long-term jobs

Get connected to a long-term job opportunity that fits your interest and career goals.

Professional tune-ups

Get guided 1:1 sessions with your job coach at the same time. Plus, uplevel your skills with monthly professional development workshops, resume reviews, and more.


Beyond New Door

Walk away with solid references and the skills to succeed in your long-term job and beyond. As a New Door alumni, you have access to our network and resources always.

Get Started

Submit your application online and we’ll reach out.

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