a job can change a life

80,000 youth ages 16 – 24 are disconnected from education and employment in the Bay Area. There’s over 8,000 disconnected youth in San Francisco alone. Without connecting to school and work, these young people are at high risk to be poor, unemployed, homeless or incarcerated throughout their adult lives.

Our solution is simple: provide paid jobs, skills training, education and individualized support so that young adults can get ready for work and life. Employment and education change the trajectory of their lives, putting youth on a path towards economic opportunity.

New Door was born out of the belief that through jobs, skill building and training, we can positively change the trajectory for youth. To help transform lives, we offer two programs:


New Door has been providing paid internships to Bay Area youth for over a decade. We use innovative and evidence-based youth development strategies. In our intensive 14-week program, youth receive:


hours total

of job skills training


hours weekly

of paid employment


hours weekly

of supportive, individualized case management


Many youth in our Employment Program lack their high school diploma, which is a real barrier to employment. To help, we launched our Education Program in 2015 so that young people can earn a high school equivalency certificate. Our Education Program offers: