A job can change a life

New Door Ventures is an early-intervention employment and education program for Bay Area youth age 17-24 who are disconnected from — or weakly connected to — work and school. Since 1981, New Door has been serving Bay Area communities facing systemic racism, structural inequities, and other barriers to economic opportunity. Our services are focused on the critical transition period between childhood and adulthood, when skill development and work readiness become key to lifelong employability and financial independence.

New Door believes in a world where every young person has the chance to become a financially stable, independent adult. Our programs put transition-age youth on the path to economic opportunity by providing the work experiences, skills, and support they need to obtain permanent employment and a high school equivalency.

So much more than a job

With intervention from supportive programs like New Door:

youth earn $31,000 more on average per year by middle age
Are 45% more likely to become a homeowner
are 42% more likely to be employed by middle age
Are 52% more likely to report good or excellent health

Employment program

New Door Ventures provides young people in San Francisco and Oakland a path towards economic mobility. New Door uses innovative and evidence-based youth development strategies in our 6 month employment program. Youth participate as a member of a cohort, consisting of 15 – 20 interns. Young people learn with each other during their internships and support their peers.

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Education program

Participants in the Education Program receive classes, tutoring and financial assistance so that they can earn their high school equivalency.

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Career Center

New Door’s Job Placement program builds out a longer continuum of support, bridging the gap between our Internship Program and careers in the marketplace through networking, knowledge, and support.

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