Real jobs & Relevant training

New Door Ventures provides young people in San Francisco and Oakland a path towards economic mobility. New Door uses innovative and evidence-based strategies in our 6 month employment program. Youth participate as a member of a cohort, consisting of 15 – 20 interns. Young people learn with each other during their internships and support their peers.

How it Works

Paid Jobs
Supportive Services
Skill Building Workshops

Paid internships:

Every young person has a paid internship at one of our business partner sites. Youth work 12 – 15 hours per week, taking on real responsibility, adding to the bottom line, and working alongside more experienced employees.

Support services:

All youth receive individual support weekly from a highly trained case manager to accomplish their short and long term goals. These weekly check-ins help youth succeed in the program and connect them with resources to address needs such as mental health, housing and so forth.

Skill building training:

Youth learn techniques and tips to ensure success at work and in life. Every youth receives over 300 total hours of training on topics that include communicating clearly and positively.

Connections to Education and Transition Services:

Employment Program participants have access to our GED and HiSet programming and connections with Transition Services to help youth with their career planning and next steps after internships.

Is the New Door Employment Program for me?

While the employment program offers various kinds of support for various needs, the program mainly specializes in helping youth who:

  • Possess motivation and interest for developing themselves​.
  • Lives in a low-income household.
  • Presents with lack of successful work experience and/or lack of job readiness skills.
  • Have consistent stable housing.
  • Commits to participate in all components of the program​.
  • Have conversational English skills (reading, writing, verbal).
  • Youth Intends to find a job post program.
  • Has a support system for exceptional needs and circumstances​
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Frequently Asked Questions

For Youth

What is the main goal of NDV’s employment program? What do youth learn in NDV?

The main goal of the New Door employment program is to help youth develop job skills, life skills, job experience, and job placement after completion of the program. Youth will learn hard skills such as creating a resume, cover letter, and applying for a job. Youth will also learn soft skills such as communication, time management, and interviewing for a job.

What do supportive services look like?

As part of our employment program, every youth is required to do one hour a week of one-one supportive services. Supportive services is different for all youth based on individual needs. Some examples of support including one on one help with a resume, cover letter, applying for jobs, money management, health & well-being, education support, and more.

Does NDV support with transportation?

Yes, New Door will provide a clipper card to support transportation costs to and from workshops, supportive services, and employer partners.

Does NDV support virtual engagement?

New Door does lend certain technology, such as laptop Chromebooks and Wi-Fi hotspots once a youth is accepted into our program. Please make sure you inform us of the technology you need when you apply and in the intake process. You are responsible for and must return anything New Door lends you. New Door staff also supports youth with training and coaching to support engagement with technology.

How much does a youth get paid for a job assignment through NDV?

New Door pays at least San Francisco and East Bay minimum wage for a job assignment.

Does NDV accept undocumented youth?

New Door does not accept undocumented youth. Youth must have valid right-to-work documents such as a passport or social security card and government ID.

Does NDV conduct background checks?

New Door does not conduct background checks, but certain employer partners may do so.

What’s the best way to get in touch with New Door staff?

If you are interested in our program or have additional questions as a youth, the best way to get in touch is to contact

For service providers

Does NDV accept youth on a first-come, first-serve basis?

No, New Door does not accept youth on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Does NDV have the capacity to serve youth with currently undiagnosed / untreated mental health challenges?

New Door has the capacity to serve young people with mental health diagnoses as long as support and treatment are underway and they have the ability to engage with the different components of the program model.

Does NDV serve youth with learning differences?

New Door uses multi-model teaching strategies to accommodate the various learning styles of youth. New Door can provide youth with more one to one support if needed, as long as they have at least a 5th grade reading level.

Does NDV serve youth who are currently unstably housed?

Traditionally, youth with unstable housing struggle to complete our program (with the exception of virtual programming). New Door will serve youth with unstable housing as long as they have access to housing for the duration of the 3 month–plus program.

If a youth already has a workforce advocate, do they need to participate in Supportive services?

Yes, every youth is required to do one hour a week of supportive services even if they already have a prior or current workforce advocate. New Door staff will coordinate with existing or prior workforce advocate.

Will NDV write recommendation letters for court?

Yes, New Door staff members can and will write letters for court, if needed.

What’s the best way to get in touch with New Door staff?

If you are interested in our program or have additional questions as a service provider, the best way to get in touch is to contact