A world where all young people can successfully transition to independent adulthood.


To prepare opportunity youth for work and life, by providing the jobs, training, education, and support they need to discover and achieve their potential so that they can transition to independent adulthood.



Youth are assets to our community. Their voice is central to our work, and they have the capacity to create their own path of learning and growth.


Jobs are a vital part of the successful transition from youth to adulthood. Work enables learning, growth, and economic sustenance for all people, especially opportunity youth.


We operate with integrity and authenticity. We are thoughtful stewards of all resources entrusted to us.

Relationships and community

We build trusting relationships with our youth and believe that a supportive community is critical for personal and collective growth. Our community partners are fellow catalysts in creating opportunities for youth.

Learning and Excellence

We strive to create profound impact in our work. We are learners in pursuit of excellence for the benefit of young people.

Inclusion, Equity and Social Justice

Inclusion and equity are the doorways to opportunity for our youth. We strive to create an inclusive, equitable environment for youth and all who wish to join us in our work.


New Door Ventures was founded in 1981 as a ministry of a Christian organization seeking to live out its faith through acts of service to people experiencing significant poverty and homelessness. Over the years, New Door has evolved to become a community-based nonprofit agency that drives innovative, evidence-based youth development strategies to help young people discover and achieve their potential. New Door treats the young people it serves with dignity and seeks to listen and learn from their lived experience as they engage in programs.

New Door remains committed to affirming that every life has equal value regardless of race, faith tradition, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, veteran status, or disability. We love young people as they are, and we are grateful that they allow us to walk alongside them as they build up their lives. We welcome all who wish to support our work and join us in recreating our communities, one person at a time.